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In my twenty years as a professional botanical watercolour artist, I have painted hundreds of different species of plant, flower, herb, fruit, vegetable and even fungi. However, there are many thousands more I have yet to paint, and every one is a fresh challenge.

Browse the gallery opposite to see examples of previously sold work.

It’s true that there are some ‘old favourites’ that people ask for again and again, but whenever I have the opportunity, I’ll try something new. However, as I generally only paint from life, availability of good specimens tends to dictate when this can be.

Another feature of my work is that I only paint at actual size. This ensures the greatest possible botanical accuracy and realistic representation of the subject, but it does govern the overall picture size.

People often question how the deep, dense, rich colours in some of my paintings can be achieved without addition of other mediums, but they are pure watercolour. It is the combination of repeated overpainting techniques and the use of the heaviest weight of textured watercolour paper that makes this possible.

I am now also painting on vellum. Before the introduction of modern watercolour papers, botanical studies were usually painted on vellum. Flower painters such as the famous Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) used vellum as their everyday painting surface.

Vellum is made from calfskin and has a surface quality and translucence that demands different techniques on the part of the artist, but enhances the appearance of the image as no paper can.




Private commissions are welcome and are no more expensive than work available at shows and exhibitions. So for those who can’t see what they want amongst available Evelyn Binns original watercolours, or those who have a particular flower or plant in mind, commissioning a painting is the obvious step.

Do bear in mind, however, that as work is generally only painted from actual specimens, their availability may dictate when pictures can be ready. It may sometimes be necessary to be patient, especially if the subject is one that only flowers briefly during the year and cannot be obtained at other times.

To commission work, contact Evelyn to discuss your requirements. A price and delivery date will then be agreed. A deposit of £50 or 20% of the agreed price, whichever is the greater, is payable on acceptance of the commission. The balance is payable at the time of delivery.




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